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I am starting a weekly digest for all Wildland customers, fans and community members because I want to give you a behind the scenes look into how Wildland Coffee is being built. This is going to give you a glimpse into the good, the bad and the ugly. I believe in transparency and building community. You're coming along the ride with me. I want you to know, these emails will never ask you to buy or do anything. It's 100% for you to see what's going on behind the curtain.

Each week will cover three topics so let's get started...

My "WHY"- Live Different
I started reading Simon Sinek's book "Start with Why" a few weeks ago and it changed my perspective on how to run a business. Basically, it says that most brands start with what they do, then talk about how they do it and sometimes end with why they do it. Humans, on the other hand, are most interested and react the strongest to the WHY something is done. Everything a business does and communicates should start with WHY, then talk about the how then talk about what.

I've reflected on why I want to be an entrepreneur as well as the "why" I want to build Wildland on. Through some self-reflection, I've learned that the answer to all the above is that I want to "Live Different" and I want to help my customers "Live Different". What does that mean? That means not following societal norms, not living a standard suburban 9-5 life. It means following your dreams even if it's unusual or unpopular. You will see this theme throughout everything Wildland does.

At this point, I think the TikTok secret is out of the bag. It's the fastest growing social network and is one of my top focuses for 2022. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, there is still a tremendous amount of free reach and small creators are going viral literally every day. It's amazing.

The theme of Wildland's TikTok is going to be "Live Different". What that means specifically is that we'll be conducting micro interviews with random people in outdoor settings. We'll be asking them some version of "how do you live different?" or "what does your perfect life look like?". We want to share stories of real people talking about their real dreams. I hope that this inspires all of us to go around our dreams. I posted the first video in these series today... you can see it on IG here or TikTok here.

Pricing Adjustments
I've continued to learn about what motivates customers to buy Wildland as well as what stops people from becoming customers. One of the main challenges is that people often wonder "is this going to taste like 'real' coffee?". There are a handful of ways to overcome this but one of the best ways is to make the price to try the product very small. Small price = less risk. I decided to create a new price offering that allows a new customer to try a few samples for the cost of shipping, $3.50. This has been a huge success so far and it's helped grow the Wildland community in a big way.