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Wildland Weekly- 2/6

Best. Month. Ever.
I have great news to share....we had our best month of revenue in company history. We even had one day on Amazon where someone bought 30 20-packs and that, obviously, really helped our revenue. Not sure who this person was or how they found out about Wildland but I'd like to give them a big "THANK YOU!". Our main revenue source is still mostly Amazon but that is started to shift towards are our website.
We've also been very active in outdoor themed Facebook groups doing giveaways which has driven a lot of attention and interest to Wildland. Of course, we couldn't have had such a great month without our customers being advocates for Wildland and tell their friends.
Last weekend Wildland sponsored a beach cleanup in San Diego that Sekr hosted. We gave out a hot cup of coffee to 150 people and got a lot of amazing feedback about the product! After the cleanup, they had live music and a cooking class. It was so much fun to be part of an event and truly feel a sense of community. Wildland will be sponsoring their next event as well well which is going to be in late March in Ventura, CA. If you've never heard of Sekr, definitely check them out.
Speaking of community, we are also launching a partnership with OnX Maps. One thing I want to do is find ways to cross promote awesome outdoor brands and provide more value to my customers. With that in mind, OnX has agreed to hook up Wildland customers with a very nice discount on their apps. More details to come on this and I am going to continue to find brands that want to partner with Wildland in this fashion.
New Roast
Light roast is here! For those of who don't know this fun fact, the lighter the roast, the more caffeine. Also, light roasts tend to bring out the true flavors of the coffee. I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous about this roast at first... "is it going to be too light? Will Wildland customers think it's watery?." It arrived on Tuesday and I was honestly blown away. My coffee pallet isn't very refined but I really could taste the subtle flavors of the beans. I might go make a cup right now honestly. Because we have three roasts now, I'm going to create a variety pack option on the website! Who doesn't love variety.