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Wildland Weekly- 2/27/22

Tough Month
I promised to show you the good, bad and ugly. January was an amazing month for Wildland but not all records are meant to be immediately broken. February was tough for Amazon sales. Perhaps it's seasonality, perhaps it's because I didn't react to competitors' moves, perhaps it's completely random. Regardless, there are 3 lessons that I learned:
  1. Don't assume because something worked in the past, it'll work in the future
  2. Always be finding new ways to acquire customers- collaborations, partnerships, wholesale accounts, etc.
  3. Consistency on the basics
This is just one bump in the long road to success.
PS- if any competitors are reading this (which I'm sure at least one is), don't worry, I've adjusted to your moves and this lull won't happen again :)
3 Pack Sampler on Amazon
I introduced the 3 pack sampler on the website in January but felt like I had to make a new move on Amazon to shake things up so now you can buy it on Amazon as well. This strategy here was designed to accomplish a few things:
  1. Create a lower price entry point
  2. Drive more trial
  3. Improve our overall Amazon ranking
Launched this on Friday and yesterday we sold a decent amount of these so early signs are showing that this is working as intended.
Live Different
As my dad was driving me to school one day in second grade, I vividly remember telling him "I don't want to just got to school, come home, sleep then repeat that every day". I don't think I knew what entrepreneurship was at this point in my life but I did know that I wasn't interested in the typical 9-5 life. I wanted more excitement and adventure
This desire to "Live Different", as I call it, has driven me my entire life and is why I am willing to sacrifice so much to live my dream of entrepreneurship. Live Different is also Wildland's tagline because I want to inspire my customers to find and experience what living different means to them.
Have a great day!