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Wildland Weekly- 1/30

Sunday Scaries

We've probably all experienced this at least one time. Last Sunday after the farmers market I came home and got straight to work on my board meeting presentation that was scheduled for the next day at 10am. Some things are going great but, like any business, there are areas that need help and some that need a lot of help and it sent me in a tail spin. I went to bed really stressed and I woke up the next day still stressed.
Here's what I did to help myself:
 1) 10 minutes of meditation
 2) 10 minutes of writing down things I'm grateful for
 3) 40 minute walk with my dog
What I realized is that I can only control what is happening RIGHT NOW. I can't control what is happening this afternoon, tomorrow, next week.

Now I'll discuss a couple things that need to be addressed.

Repurchase Rate

Repeat customers is like the life blood of any business so if my average customer only buys one time, I won't be in business for long. Unfortunately, as it stands right now, my average customer is only buying one time and that ain't good. There are two potential reasons for this: 1) customers don't like the product enough to buy again 2) customers like the product but are waiting to reorder until they have another outdoor adventure

I do genuinely believe that the answer is more #2 than #1 so I've also made adjustments to things like the post purchase email flow to better tell the Wildland story in an effort to create a greater sense of community. Hopefully this makes an positive impact. Ultimately, outdoor recreation is very seasonal and it makes sense to get through a whole 12 months of the business before jumping to any conclusion about what the true repurchase rate is (although that doesn't make it any less stress).

Evolving Amazon Lanscape

Amazon is a crazy place to sell product. There are constantly new competitors, shifting trends and macro-economic factors at place. My performance on Amazon, specifically paid ads, can really shift from day to day and week to week. One day I'm getting great ROI, the next day the ROI sucks. That's just the way it is. When we first launched on Amazon we were trying to acquire customers through a broad set of keywords that ranged from "instant coffee" to "single serve coffee" to "ground coffee".

I learned rather quickly that we were not acquiring customers profitably using this strategy so I decided to narrow the focus to only keywords directly related to the product such as "coffee in a tea bag", "camping coffee", etc.. Generally that has been working although the last couple of weeks have not been stellar. Wah wah wahhhhhhh.

As a one person company, this can be really tough to get in front of because I have so many things to do on a daily basis. Moral of the story on this one is that I have to be ruthless with my prioritization and also be okay with things not being perfect. Over time things will improve and everything will turn out great.