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Wildland Weekly- 3/20/22

Rude People
"Dumb product", "leave me alone", "fuck off"..... these are three of the email responses I got last week. They say that if you're doing something right, you get haters. Well, I've gotten some haters lately and, to be honest, I think it's funny. When I was younger, I would have taken this kind of stuff really personally and gotten upset but, now, I know people who say stuff like this are just having a crappy day. See my response to one hater here
For the record, I've gotten hundreds of positive emails... most people are super happy I reached out.
Grocery Store Debut
I'm making my grocery store debut today!
If you're reading this between 7-10am pst, I'm at Seaside Market in San Diego giving out free samples. Getting Wildland into grocery stores is not part a major part of our 2022 plan because of the uniqueness of the product. That said, this grocery store is across the street from a beach camping spot and they work with a ton of small, local companies so we are both seeing if Wildland can work there.
My goal is to learn what it takes to successfully support a grocery store and see consistent sales. This test could either show that 1) Wildland has a place on grocery store shelves or 2) it's not the right time and I should focus my efforts elsewhere.
Wish me luck.
Wholesale Success
The reason that grocery stores are not a huge focus is because I would be competing with 20-30 other coffee brands on the shelf. This fact led me to the idea to form partnerships with companies that are going to provide Wildland as an amenity. Imagine adventures guides, tiny home/glamping resorts, aribnbs, etc.
This not only creates a revenue stream for Wildland, but it also gets people to try the product and improves the guest experience for my partners! It's a win win win. In the last month, I've acquired 13 of these wholesale accounts! Check out a couple of them.
Have a great Sunday.