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Wildland Weekly- 2/13/22

Who doesn't know about Jetboil? They're probably one of the most recognizable outdoor brands on the market today and WILDLAND IS DOING A COLLABORATION WITH THEM! How this came to be is a pretty crazy story...It took 5 introductions to get to James, the brand manager. It's interesting because the Jetboil team thought Jetboils were primarily used for rehydrating dehydrated food but they've realized recently that most of their customers use them for coffee. Because of that, they want more coffee content and James loves the vision of Wildland.
We're going to do a 3 day collaboration. On February 25th, we'll be dropping a blog post on their website. On the 26th, I'll be doing an Instagram takeover then on the 27th we'll be doing a 1-day giveaway where you can win a Jetboil and some Wildland Coffee. I am honestly pinching myself with this one... it's incredible that a brand of my size is getting this opportunity and I'm so grateful that this is happening.
Imagine you have a significant other that you really love and want to be with forever but sometimes they forgot to take their bipolar medication. This is Amazon. WHAT DO I DO WITH YOU?! I couple weeks ago I talked about the evolving Amazon landscape and it continues to evolve. About a month ago I stopped focusing so much time on adjusting and tweaking my Amazon PPC (pay per click ads) and, predictably, ad performance started to drop and sales slowly started to decline. It's come to the point where I can't ignore it but I also can't dedicate the time it needs. It is my top revenue source right now so that is unacceptable.
I've realized that my strength as an entrepreneur is in sales, partnerships and writing the Wildland Weekly and that this company will never grow if I keep trying to do everything myself. This decision is also just as much about my mental sanity as it is my business. Between my 9-5 job and Wildland, I can't keep working 12-14 hour days. All that said, I'm on the hunt to find an Amazon expert to take over management of our store. Recommendations welcome!
Shark Tank
4 weeks ago I applied to be on Shark Tank and.... *drum rollllllll******** I made it to the second round!! What does this mean? Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs apply and a few small percentage of those make it to the round two. In round two, each company submits a 5-10 minute pitch video and that video is used to move companies to the next round. My video is due tomorrow. If you want to watch a short clip of it, click the link below.
Needless to say, being on Shark Tank is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'd love to get a deal done with Mark or Lori because of their beverage experience and retail connections.
Wish me luck!