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Wildland Weekly- 1/21/2022

Another week, more progress toward our goals but not without its challenges. If it was easy, everyone would do this, right?  Let's just right into it!

Tea bag vs. single serve coffee bag
When I started Wildland, my first thought was to make the packaging and website extremely descriptive so potential customers knew what the product was with no guesses. I knew it had draw backs... one them being the association with tea being "watery" but thought it would be worth it so there was no confusion around the product. The more customers I talk to, the more it becomes obvious that the association with tea is more of a hinderance towards the brand than a benefit. The next question is how to describe the product if not "coffee in a tea bag"?

"Steepable coffee" would be my go to but there is a company with a similar name and that may cause confusion and violate their trademarks so that's out. I've landed on saying "single serve coffee bag". I don't love it to be honest but I'm not sure what else how to describe it. Let me know if you have any better ideas.

Customer expectations
I read in a book once that, in the food and beverage industry, you want to be different but not too different. If you're too different, you're weird. Very few people buy weird in food and beverage. If I'm being 100% honest, coffee in a single serve bag may be borderline too weird although I think I'm on the right side of the weirdness scale.

One thing I've learned is the power of customer expectations. When it comes to coffee, many Americans are used to and expect coffee to be "bold and bitter". What they don't know is that bold and bitter coffee means that those beans have been burned. Wildland's coffee is anything but bitter because we source high quality beans and roast to bring out their true flavors. That said, it's futile to try to change someone's preferences when it comes to how bold they want their coffee to be. Because of that, I am looking into creating a SUPER dark roast to appease those that love bold and bitter. No promises but it's being investigated. I will not drop any of the current roasts but rather add to the lineup so we can meet more customers' preferences.

This is something I am VERY excited about it. Wildland Coffee's vision is to be the #1 coffee brand for the outdoor community and every decision I make is using that lens. There are many ways to get a product into your target consumers' hands... ambassadors, Amazon, Instagram ads, SuperBowl commercial, etc. etc.. I had a choice to make between spend money on FB and IG ads or spend money to create partnerships and I decided on the partnership route.

I can't name names because nothing is finalized yet but what I can tell you is that there are a few large camping and glamping companies that will be featuring Wildland. Imagine getting to your glamping site and have a few free samples of Wildland waiting for you! One name I can mention is Sekr. We'll be partnering with them this weekend and providing free coffee for everyone who is participating in their beach cleanup on Fiesta Island (San Diego).Much more to come on this.

Hope you have a great day and thank you for your continued support!