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Wildland Weekly- 2/20/22

This isn't a sexy topic but, my god, is it real. In the last few months, coffee costs have gone up 30%, manufacturing costs have gone by 30% and roasting costs have gone up 25%. Ouch.Different business deal with inflation in different ways but my strategy is to be as lean as possible in all areas of the business so I don't have to increase the price of Wildland for all of you. Wildland is a premium product but I do not believe in pricing the product in a way that only a select percentage of wealthy of customers can afford. I believe in great products at reasonable and fair prices.
All that said, if you see the cost of Wildland go up sometime in the future, know that it's because my costs are going up, not because I am trying to line my pockets at your expense.
American Adventurist Desert Rendezvous
I didn't send this on Sunday morning because I was at the American Adventurist Desert Rendezvous which is a 300 person overlanding event in Quartzite, Arizona. If you don't know what overlanding is, you're basically driving on dirt roads for days or weeks at a time to explore really cool places.
This community is a great market for Wildland Coffee so I went to this event to do some "gorilla marketing". I got there Friday afternoon and Saturday morning I went to every campsite and passed out samples of Wildland Coffee. I was shaking hands and kissing babies!! Check out a photo from the event below. 
I've been waiting to talk about this for a while! Tentrr is one of the largest glamping companies in the country and we just launched a pilot partnership with them yesterday at their Joshua Tree site. Over the course of the next 3 months, we will be rolling out the partnerships at their 22 signature sites on the west coast and if the partnership goes well we will expand nationwide next year.
What the partnership entails is that all guests will get one Wildland Coffee pouch per morning over the duration of their stay and they get a discount of if they want to purchase more. I'm really excited about this because it get the product directly into potential customers' hands in a context that they are open to trying new and innovative products. This is just the start of what is to come with glamping partnerships! 
See you next week!