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7 Unusual Ways of Making Coffee

Oh, of course! Because who wouldn't want to know about these ridiculously unusual and quirky coffee-making techniques that you'll probably never use, right? Well, buckle up and prepare to be amazed (or not)!

  1. Egg Coffee: You know what your coffee is missing? A raw egg, of course! Scandinavians mix the egg, shell, and all, with coffee grounds and boiling water. The result? A full-bodied coffee with extra protein. Yum.
  2. Sock Coffee: Forget fancy coffee filters. Just use a sock! Costa Ricans put coffee grounds in a cloth sock, immerse it in hot water, and voila, a brew that has a touch of your laundry basket essence.
  3. Turkish Coffee: Who needs filtered coffee when you can have a thick layer of grounds at the bottom of your cup? Just mix finely ground coffee, water, sugar, and maybe some spices in a cute little pot called a cezve, heat it up and hope you don't choke on the sludge.
  4. Cowboy Coffee: Why not embrace your inner cowboy? Throw coffee grounds directly into a pot of boiling water, let the grounds settle, and pour yourself a cup of nostalgia (and maybe some grit).
  5. Kopi Joss: Is regular coffee not exciting enough for you? How about tossing a red-hot piece of charcoal into your cup? Indonesians believe it neutralizes acidity, and you'll have a cool story to tell your friends.
  6. Plunger Pot Coffee (Reverse French Press): Because pushing the plunger down is so passé. Instead, put coffee grounds in the French press, add hot water, and pull the plunger up. Watch the grounds stay at the bottom while you enjoy the feeling of being a coffee rebel.
  7. Cezve with Sand: Because heating your coffee on a stove is just too ordinary. Bury your cezve in hot sand and enjoy a painstakingly slow and elaborate brewing process. Your coffee will taste like a sandy beach vacation!

There you have it, seven unbelievably unusual ways to make coffee that will surely impress your friends (or make them question your sanity). So go ahead and give them a try, because who wouldn't want to drink coffee with eggshells or sand, right?