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Wildland Weekly- 4/10

Emotional Rollercoaster
Most days I'm very confident about the future of Wildland. That said, some days I wake up and I think "what the fuck are you doing, Zach? It would be so much easier to go back to your day job selling software." This was last Tuesday for me. Fortunately, I no longer let that annoying voice in my head consume me like I used to but, nonetheless, it still sucks.
I've found that the best way to get over that voice is to take massive action towards my goals and, for me, that means calling potential wholesale accounts or having conversations with brands about partnering. Last week, this got me back on track as fast as I got off track.
Getting to Know Wildland Customers
My customers mean everything to me and last week I sent everyone a survey to get to know y'all better. I got some great insights and great feedback.
For those who have purchased, the main takeaway was that you love the product but you typically see it as an outdoor only product with price being a barrier to using it more. For those who have not purchased, there are questions around the quality and taste and that you simply don't know enough about Wildland and our products.
I really appreciate everyone's feedback and I'll be using it to better craft my messages and make changes to our offering moving forward!
My Biggest Weakness
Last week I conducted a thought experiment. I asked myself "If Wildland was to fail, what would be the most likely cause?" This was easy... poor financial management and forecasting. I'm not afraid to admit that finance is not my strength so I found a fractional CFO to help me. It feels good to identify a weakness and take care of it.
Thanks so much for your reading and have a great Sunday!