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Wildland Weekly- 3/27

Biggest Wholesale Order Ever
Continuing on the success that I talked about last week, I got a wholesale order for 700 pouches! Jeff Bezos, watch out. Here I come.
That's the biggest Wildland has ever received Big thanks to Anya and her team from St. Elias Guides in Alaska. They do awesome single and multi-day trips in Alaska and will be serving Wildland to their guests! Check them out here.
$10,000 In Revenue
A few weeks ago I talked about how February was a bad revenue month for Wildland. Things turned around big time in March! We had a good month for Amazon sales and a very good month for website sales thanks to a blog we wrote that was featured in two Harvest Host emails. We got a ton of traffic from that.
The wholesale orders have started to come in as well and which made an impactful contribution This is a big milestone for Wildland and I couldn't have done it without all of our customers and supporters so thank you so much for everything.
Outdoor Adventure Expo
Yesterday I drove a couple hours to do guerrilla marketing at the Outdoor Adventure Expo in Pomona, California. There was about 100 outdoors and overlanding vendors and my goal was to talk to 15 brands about doing a social media giveaway or some other type of partnership
I got to 13 and they were all very high quality discussions with awesome brands. A few of the highlights were conversations I had with Shower Pouch, Outdoorsy and Xplor. Who knows what will transpire but I know, whatever it is, it'll be lit. 
I am so fired up for the future of Wildland! Lots of really cool things are coming and I'm stoked for you all to see it unfold.