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The future of inroom coffee is now

The future of inroom coffee is now

Want to save money, improve housekeeping efficiency while elevating the guest experience?

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Upgrade your coffee program to French Press quality without the need for expensive equipment 

Save money and time with a machine-free solution to improve your housekeeping efficiency

Effortlessly provide guests with a delicious cup of coffee without the mess or fuss of traditional brewing methods.


What about my existing equipment? Do you provide kettles?

We have a free kettle program for qualifying properties so you don't have to worry about a capital expense!

Is Wildland eco friendly?

Absolutely. The "tea bag" iteslf is made of corn fiber and 100% compstable.

We also only source from speciality grade, sustainably run coffee farmers in Central and South America.

Can I custom brand this for my property?

Of course! Reach out and we'll discuss specifics.

What is the price?

Depends on your volume but we are very comparable with other similar products.

Can I sample Wildland?

Of course! Reach out and we'll get some in the mail for you.

What others say about Wildland

“I was blown away by the taste and convenience of Wildland’s tea bag style coffee. Our guests rave about it and it is so easy and efficient for our housekeeping teams.”

Ashley, GM at Empeiria High Sierra Hotel

Recently while on a road trip I stayed in ahoteland all they had was Keurig so I did a taste comparison and Wildland out of curiosity and found it to be much better! Since it’s brewed in a tea bag it didn’t have the plastic taste that comes along with that type of coffee.

Danny- Amazon Review

I'm happy to finally have another option than the hotel room Keurig.

Lyndsi- Amazon Review

I'm constantly disappointed in coffee hotel rooms coffee but now I bring Wildland because there is nothing easier and better tasting!

Sarah- Amazon Review