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Wildland Weekly- 4/3

Best Month To Date
In March, Wildland brought in $13,000 in revenue in March! That's A LOT of coffee. It was by far our best revenue month and it represents almost 2x growth from February. This happened because we are starting to figure out Amazon. We had way more sales through the website thanks to a partnership with Harvest Host and we had almost $3,000 in wholesale orders
The best part of this is that our customers are really loving our products and I cannot express how much gratitude I have for every single one of you. It's been my dream since I was 9 years old to be an entrepreneur and I couldn't be doing it without you.
Burn Out
The highs and lows of entrepreneurship are real. You just read about the highs... $13,000 in revenue. The lows are that I was experiencing some pretty severe burnout last week. I had been going really hard for the last month or so without a day off and it definitely caught up to me.
I had to make a change so I decided to drop the Sunday farmers market in exchange for getting some rest and relaxation. The reality is that I was only bringing in about $130 each week so the juice wasn't worth the squeeze, as they say. This was a good reminder that taking breaks can actually help me go faster and accomplish more.
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