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Each box comes with 10 Single Serve Coffee Bags ($3.25 per pouch).

You can also purchase an 8oz bag of wholebean for $17.99.

Made from the highest quality Fair Trade certified coffee beans from Colombia.

Smooth, delicate flavor and subtle notes of sweetness.

Our commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing, and our Fair Trade certification supports coffee farmers and builds sustainable communities.




1938 mt


El Caracoli


This particular coffee is produced in the region of Matituy (La Florida), a municipality close to the capital of Nariño located at 1,930 meters above sea level, this has allowed the producer to differentiate itself in the specialty coffee market by producing the well known "Café de Altura", exalting its unique properties of high acidity and sweetness.

It is a coffee produced by Mrs. Doralba Pantoja de Sarasti with whom the association can guarantee a quality control throughout the production chain, it is a 100% traceable coffee, which is produced in an extension of 5 hectares, its farm is located in the vicinity of the Galeras volcano which gives it its unique characteristics of volcanic soil; the producer has our technical support matured through years of research and with our direct assistance in the laboratory, with which the specialty of this farm is guaranteed in cup.

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  1. Heat 8oz of water to an almost boil
  2. Steep the bag for 8 minutes (or to taste)
  3. Enjoy


Our limited edition light roast is sourced from Colombia

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