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2022 Holiday Gift Guide

"OMG Christmas is next week and I forgot to get Amethyst and Mars, my Gen Z kids, a gift!"- probably you right now.

Whether you have $10 or tens of thousands of dollars, we put together this list of awesome gifts.

Because Wildland likes to support other brands, we also gave you 14 ideas that are not Wildland Coffee although if you're here you should at least get a variety pack of Wildland. You never know when you're going to be at your inlaws and all they have is Folgers (*throws up in mouth*). I swear, why can't boomers get with it and get off Folgers?

Wildland Coffee- The Original No Mess French Press

Do you hate using coffee equipment while you’re camping, backpacking or overlanding? Let me introduce you to the No Mess French Press. Wildand Coffee tastes like a french press but you make it just like you would tea.

Skeptical? This is what one Amazon review, Jamie, said “Coffee has a great flavor. Normally I always use creamer in my coffee but with this coffee I don’t even need the creamer.”

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If you’re an RVer or vanlifer, this is for you. HarvestHost has a network of over 4000 wineries, breweries, golf courses and other awesome spots that you can safely sleep at. The best part is your stays are included in the yearly member which is in sale for $69.30 when you use FRIENDS30.

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Muir Energy

I always support other local San Diego companies! Gram for gram, Muir Energy provides more nutrition - quality calories, healthy fats and proteins, vitamins and minerals - than any other product in their space. Their gel packs are super tasty and handy for any long hike, run or physical activity.

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Crazy Creek

Crazy Creek invented the Original Camping Chair in Red Lodge, Montana and today has become every backpacker, camper, stadium goer essential item. Sit on anything anywhere anytime and be able to sit back and relax.

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This gift is a little out of ordinary but who wouldn’t be stoked to go on an amazing rafting trip?
Family-owned & operated since 1969, OARS is one of the most-respected rafting outfitters in the world and offers more than 75 unique adventures throughout the West and beyond. Trips range from short and sweet 1-day whitewater trips to epic 21-day river expeditions.

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Tembo Tusk

The TemboTusk Skottle is the perfect gift for the overlander on your list. Slices of bacon, an omelet, pancakes, burgers, chicken breasts and anything else you would normally cook at home can now be cooked while camping with the TemboTusk Skottle.

You see how happy my wife and I are while cooking on the Skottle? You can be that happy too!

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Backpackers Pantry

“Freeze dried food, that can’t be good” is probably what you’re thinking. This stuff is actually good. I had it for my regular breakfast yesterday, I kid you not. They do all the manufacturing themselves in Colorado and take a ton of pride in creating healthy, energy packed food for your adventures.

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Munk Pack

We create innovative, delicious snacks that never compromise taste for nutrition. Our low sugar, gluten free and plant based products make it easy and enjoyable to incorporate wholesome, well-balanced foods into your everyday routine.

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Outdoor Eats Cookbooks

Steve is a classically trained French chef that decided he wanted to bring easy, delicious recipes to the backpacking community. The meals are really simple to make and come out delicious. His primary customers are backpackers but really anyone whose camping can use and enjoy these awesome cookbooks.

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Defiance Tools French Press

Want a 1-person french press that is also a mug? Look no further! Defiance Tools makes this awesome mug which has a french press inside. No more carrying around extra equipment and mugs. They also make a ton of hand tools for the overlanding community.

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Aero Tear Drops

I can’t guarantee delivery by Christmas on this one but if you’re sick of sleeping in a tent, check out Aero Tear Drops Trailers! Aero Teardrops has reimagined and redefined the iconic teardrop trailer.

Their handcrafted and customized lineup of retro-inspired camping trailers provides modern day comforts, premium quality materials, and built for adventure on any terrain.

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Dmada Essentials Pouch

We all have trail essentials right? Each adventure varies and we often pack anything from trail mix bars, headlamps, even small bike tools and spare parts. Stop digging to the bottom of your pack to find them. Keep your essentials dry and in one easy to reach spot with the Trail Essentials Pouch from Dmada!

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If you want to sleep in your car while camping, have fun getting a mattress that fits correctly. Until now! I love the Luno mattresses because they are custom fitted to a ton of different vehicle makes and models so you can sleep comfortably.

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If there’s someone in your life you’re always having to try and convince to come on the camping trip we recommend the HEST Sleep System.

It’s their MOST COMFORTABLE mattress with an adjustable drop stitch base that lifts you up off the ground, provides extra back support, and allows for customization in the firmness of your sleep.

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Illumine Gear

Check out this apparel from Illumine. Not only will your friends and family love how super comfy each item is, but they’ll also love that each purchase gives back to nonprofits making the outdoors more accessible, sustainable and welcoming!

This blue shirt I’m wearing is my personal favorite of theirs.

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