Coffee in a Tea Bag

Tired of french presses and stale instant coffee when you camp and travel?

Same. That's why we grind coffee, put it in a tea bag, and then nitro-flush it so it stays fresh for 12 months.....No nasty instant coffee here.

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Why choose Wildland Coffee:

☕️ Easiest and simplest way to make coffee
🌲 The tea bag is compostable, and the wrapper is recyclable
🇧🇷 We source our coffee from Cerrado, Brazil, and it's 100% traceable, so you know you are getting quality and ethical beans
🤤 Wildland Coffee is a medium roast with tasting notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and  peanut butter with a creamy body

One more scroll to see the hot and cold brew instructions... you know you want to do it!

I normally use cream and stevia in my coffee but with Wildland I drank the 
whole cup black. 10/10 product!
Matt K (Actual Customer)

5 Count Beginner Box
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You don't need a French press to get the coffee you want and deserve

Wildland's coffee in a tea bag is as easy as boiling water and let the bag steep for 8 minutes or to taste
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What Our Customers Say

"Was skeptical about coffee in a teabag. But! Turns out wildland coffee is yummy. You're not sacrificing flavor/quality for convenience."

-Raquel R

"Super convenient from start to finish. Coffee in a bag eliminates the need to buy coffee, grind it, put it in the machine every morning, then clean the machine every morning. Wildland Coffee has a very light, pleasant taste that is mild enough to be enjoyed as is without milk, cream, or even sugar. Love the compostable packaging!!"

-Maria L 

"Great coffee! Wildland Coffee is so convenient & so delicious, Thank you for making your product with nice packaging and Excellent Coffee Quality!"

-Emilie M


Coffee equipment sucks. You know it and we know it. Wildland Coffee exists to make your life easier when you camp and travel.

Wildland Coffee's motto is "why do things the hard way, when you could do things the easy way?"

Because you're still reading and captivated, I'll tell you a little bit about me, Zach Frantz, the founder of Wildland Coffee.

I'm a life long camper and got fed up with my french press when I was sitting in the middle of the woods and I thought, "why not just put ground coffee into a tea bag?" As it turns out, that's an amazing idea.

Our vision is to be the go-to coffee for everyone who loves the outdoors.

Our mission is to make amazing products that help people get outdoors more because, frankly, we could all use a little more fresh air these days.

Join me on the ride.

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